Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A trip down memory lane.................

Hello There My Lovelies,
First of all, I want to say how difficult Blogger (this blog) can be sometimes. Uploading pictures and making them neat can be tough sometimes. I want to throw out a few cuss words, but I am blogging about my family so I will save it for later.
Above are some of the the pictures my mom took in Austria. The one of the lady in the blue dress is my Austrian grandmother, my Oma, back in the day. She was a strong woman and could hold her own. I always admired that about her. I thought I was over her death and moved on. Because I feel in my heart she is back with my Opa and hasn't looked back. But once in a while it really burns to know that she won't be around if I get married or start a family. Really burns. Anyway, the group photo next to that is us at her funeral. The girl in black next to me is my favorite Austrian cousin. Included in that picture besides my aunt, uncle and mom are people from my grandpa's side of the family, whom I didn't meet until then. The last of the Wuertingers (my Oma's family name). It is so sad that the older generation in my family is starting to pass away. There is so much family history, and I am just glad my grandma had a hand in helping me learn my roots. It was the greatest gift she gave me.
The picture below that is my mother standing in front of our family house in the countryside, in a little town called Asenham. When I was growing up and spent time there we went to the lake nearby for a swim. Anyhow, before this, my mom hadn't been back to Austria for 28 years. I can't describe it, but the way my mom is posing in that picture is so typical Austrian. I don't get to see the Austrian in her like that until she is back in her old stomping grounds. Or if she is walking next to my aunt, then you can watch them walk together in the same manner. It's a trip.
The picture of the street, is a typical street in Hallein, the town where my grandmother lived and my mother was born.
My mother has more pictures, which made me more emotional. I think it got me emotional because she took them, and I saw Austria through her eyes in those pictures. I don't capture it in my photos like she does in her pictures.
I lived there once for 6 months as a 10 year old with my aunt and cousins. Then I lived with my Oma in 1998 for the summer.
I really wish my mother had left me there as a 10 year old.


PorkStar said...

That is so great that you can still hold so many great memories from your own culture. There are not that many people of European descent who can say they are trully of European descent without living there and experiencing what is to live your own roots.

Big Mark 243 said...

This was really, really, neat! Thanks for sharing ..!

Scarlet said...

I like the way you describe your Austrian grandmother. Your mom also looks like a strong woman...and you look like you could hold your own as well.

I love the shot of the street also. There's nothing like old photos and digging into your family history. It gets me emotional as well.

Myra said...

At least you were able to go there, meet your family, remember, and share. That is a gift in itself!

Mike said...

Very cool to see visuals into your past.