Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Hello All,Yesterday Michael Jackson passed away. I didn't feel anything until today.I grew up fairly sheltered, with not much exposure to music. But Michael Jackson was one of the artists that I heard growing up. At our parties, we would dance to his music, and some of our friends would dress up as him and do the moon walk or the crotch grab. We jammed a lot together to his hits. My brother and I would try to do the moonwalk.

I wasn't a huge fan, and I never really followed all the press he got. But I did have a great time jamming to his music. After all, I was a child in the 1980s: Bad hair, Aquanet, LA Gear and Michael Jackson. The following were the most danced to by our family: I'm Bad and Billy Jean.

Jackson and my mom were born the same year, and my mom is a young mom. Life is so short, and you don't wake up thinking that you're gonna die that day. You really can wake up one day and drop dead. It happened in my family more than once.Jackson was a famous man with genius hits and a complicated life. I always thought he was a lost soul, and did not know to live a normal life, thanks to his childhood. I also think he was very unhappy, troubled, in massive debt and possibly didn't know who he could truly turn to. I bet he was surrounded by a lot of vultures and press who didn't care about his privacy.It doesn't matter anymore, he is gone. That debt, and stress ridden body of his can be left behind. Now he can answer to God and find peace and move on.

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Scarlet said...

Like you, it's his 80s music I will always remember. I'll never forget dancing to "Rock With You" in our friend's basement and trying to moonwalk in the slipperiest shoes we could find.

MJ was excellent entertainer. I hope his soul is at peace now.