Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers Day !

Hello All,

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there ! Happy Fathers Day to my dad !

One of my dad's greatest wishes is to get a lap dance from Angelina Jolie. So fellas, if she isn't at your doorstep, then she is probably busy with my old man, lol. You'll just have to take a number.

My dad has been awesome since my grandmother was at the hospital. He stepped it up and moved in to help take care of her, my grandpa and the family business. So kudos to him for that.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads................... may you get that extra beer, that extra lapdance, that extra whatever it is you desire.................


PorkStar said...

awwww thank you, do Papis count? lol

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm not into lap dances. If I go to the baseball game with my baseball hat, glove and bat, I don't expect to sit on the bench.

I am up for a Sunday bar-b-cue, a good domino or poker game, and a case of Stella Artois., is that lap dance from Angie still available?