Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ghetto Jersey Housewives Reunion

Hello There My Lovelies,

So tonite was the big reunion of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Frankly, I think that they are all trashy, except maybe for Caroline. Yet I do enjoy watching them. They all have colorful pasts, yet they still choose to go on TV. Especially Danielle. She has some nerve. The Smoking Gun dug up her court records which she swore were sealed. What they found:

-She was a high class hooker
-Arrested and faced charges of extortion, kidnapping and drug possession. She ended up ratting out her drug lord boyfriend and he ended up in jail for 15 years while she got off on probation for 5 years. Without the deal and connections of her ex husband, she would probably still be in prison today.
- Now her ex boyfriend who she dated on the show has a sex tape and wants to sell it.

I just don't understand why she comes out on a TV show to air her dirty laundry. She is crying and saying how she deserves a second chance. Yet had she really moved on, she would've never gone on public television. I would have more sympathy for her had she just stayed out of the spotlight. I don't feel bad for her. You can't have a criminal past like hers, go on TV and get upset when the public judges you. That's insanity.

Plus I don't buy her "poor me" attitude where she says she's ganged up on. I think she put herself there. She's tried to lie her way out of her past, but you can all read about it on the Smoking Gun. I always had a feeling she was lying.

I also don't understand how Teresa goes apeshit and flips the table, and then the public loves her for it. It was totally ghetto and unclassy. Way to be a rolemodel for the ladies. I don't think it is ever okay to act like that.

Okay, enough for now.


Big Mark 243 said...

Part of why I wouldn't be bothered with going on a reality show, is that I don't know half of what they would be looking for to expose. I mean, I try to be forward about things, but even if I 'told' you all about me, they'd keep digging until they found something to embarass you.

They only build you up to bring you down.

I happened to notice, you have a nice size 'crowd' following you!! You better watch out ... someone might be reporting to the Smoking Gun!! LOL

LYN said...


PorkStar said...

hahahaha oh them cunts... and they had to be in NJ.... shame.

But not surprised.