Thursday, June 4, 2009

Douche of the Day

Hello My Lovelies,
Would you wanna date this prize ? I didn't think so, lol. I got him off the website Hot Chicks with Douchbags.
Now for my manslation off Craigslist. As usual my manslations are in bold.
I'm not like the miscreants I'm just a big, hairy villain, thats all on this site and I'm not delusional, women do think I'm very attractive according to my photoshopped picture. I'm in peninsula with a big package just big saggy balls, my penis is small. I'm Seriously hung hungover also realistic about my appearance: which is pretty good looking my mommy said so, 6'1 191 lbs, blue eyes, a young looking 36 y.o with all my gray hair and bad teeth (a bonus for craigslist right? At least it's there). I want a busty brunette girl for fun today. Not concerned about your race, or age so much I will bang anything with boobs, just be sexy! In return you get taken to new levels of breast worship and head to toe satisfaction! Besides you get to play with my XL toy the vibrator in my nightstand drawer!


PorkStar said...

LMAO... good one, chica...

I can't believe dudes would post crap like that. I've read that shit and ugh man... they should have a gender of their own... losers.

PorkStar said...

I went to that website and had a good laugh.... lol oh man, wtf is up with those dudes... really.