Monday, August 10, 2009

Bellydance Practice

Hi Loves,

As you know, I have a performance coming up next month, and I've been practicing a little more lately. Since I have my laptop and TV in my room, it is very easy to spend the whole day cooped up in my room without getting any exercise. So I've been trying to change that and dance a little more.

I've decided to perform with the double veils and it is a lot of work. I am not nearly as graceful as I would like to be. Especially since I am clumsy with my feet. I am pigeon-toed, so it's easy to trip over my feet, and it makes spinning around a little more difficult. When I spin, it is easier to travel instead of staying on one place.

I've picked out the song I want to dance to. I usually dance to Middle Eastern music, but this time I decided to dance to Dulce Pontes's song "Cancao do Mar" which means "The song of the sea". She sings in Portugese and it is very emotional. You can look it up on You Tube and have a listen. Sarah Brightman tried to do a remake, and turned it into a song called "A desert fantasy" using some middle eastern rhythms. It sucked in comparison to Dulce Pontes. How can you take the tune of the song that deals with heartbreak at sea and where water is the strong element, and try to make it work as a desert fantasy ? Just didn't work for me.

I think I've gotten half of the routine down, but it's hard to make it all flow together. I will definitely need to put in more hours. My veils are blue to emulate the sea.

That is all for now, more to blog about later, I am sure..................

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Angela said...

I do hope someone films you! I so enjoy watching you do the double veils! Beauuuuuuuuuutiful! I also would love to see you do the sword of these days!