Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday !!!!

Hi Little Loves,

So today is special because it's my dad's birthday. My brother and I are going to pay him a visit as we don't get to see him very often. My dad also has a ragdoll cat, which he adores named Sweetums. So we will give her some love too.

My dad said something to me the other day. "You know Senorita, I just wouldn't feel normal if I didn't mess with your head."

He is dead serious, by the way. But then again, he just wouldn't be my dad without that. And I know that most of his antics are being saved for if I have children. He is just waiting for the day that he can spoil them rotten in a manner that would drive me up the wall. Sugar, drumsets, caffeine, practical jokes.........

My dad is not one of those men who treats his daughter like a little princess. My dad shows his affection by getting reactions out of me. And I don't really see him do it to my brother, I think it's really just me, as I wear my reactions on my face, whereas my brother just keeps his feelings inside.

My dad would like a lapdance from Angelina Jolie for his birthday, and like always, I will arrive empty handed again with no Angelina. :(

Happy Birthday Dad !


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday dad!

Liam said...

I can hook your dad up with a few lap dancers if you like.

Shadowdancer said...

AWWWWW..... thank you all... I'm getting misty-eyed now!