Friday, August 7, 2009

Spread the Love !!

Hello Kittens !

My friend and fellow blogger Porkstar nominated me for an award on my sidebar, JUGS, which stands for Just Us Guys. He probably nominated me for two reasons:

1.) I can talk like a guy. I don't have an adam's apple, a deep voice or bulge in my pants. But I do have the mouth of a sailor when I want to. I have offended people at restaurants and at the hairdressers (my hairdresser loved it) You can thank my dad for that. My mom is the polar opposite. She is more conservative, and used to flinch when I said a single dirty word. But somehow she loves and reads my blogs. Yay to my mom !

2.) I have big jugs.

In Porky's blog, he wrote ten things about himself that we probably didn't know. So in honor, of him, I will do my ten things.........................

1.) I don't like iphones or Blackberrys. I would prefer a regular phone any day. I also think bluetooths are recockulous. It makes people look like they are talking to themselves, which is even douchier.

2.) I have lived in Barcelona for one year and in Austria once for 6 months and another time for the summer. I speak Spanish and German.

3.) One of my pet peeves on mens' personals is bad spelling, all caps, bad punctuation, or all three. If I see abuse on all that, I just won't bother.

4.) I may get flamed for this, but I believe in living separately until marriage. I would not live with a boyfriend until we married. Nothing wrong with people who do, but I prefer not to.

5.) I am seriously thinking about going to Egypt to take lessons under my favorite teacher.

6.) I wish I could trade my US passport for an EU passport so I could live by my family in Austria.

7.) I don't dream of buying my own house with a white picket fence, I would rather take all that money and travel the world.

8.) I love studying the law, and think many good attorneys out there get thrown in with the bad ones.

9.) I hate the European Union, and feel that the EU has caused a lot of countries to lose a lot of their culture.

10.) I used to wonder why I didn't get married and why I am still single. I look back and thank God I am still single, as I haven't learned a lot of my lessons until this year.


LL said...

And the thick plottens...

You're an interesting character, Sen... and you have done something that few have over the years. Piqued my curiosity.

Scarlet said...

I love your #7 and I totally agree with it. Who needs the fence??

Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I agree with LL, you're an interesting character. :)