Sunday, August 2, 2009

I took offense to your Comment, Joe

Hello All,

I would like to address a comment someone made in my journal yesterday. I was told that I must've made up yesterday's "manslation" because no man would really ever write such a thing. To be fair, Joe also said that he's been reading for a few weeks and thought that this entry was funny. So I don't know if he was in disbelief or really did think that I would lie. I did take offense because I do not lie, but I can't be too mad, as I knew that this issue would come up sometime and someone somewhere would question me, plus most readers don't know me personally. People do have a right to ask you where you get your materials.

Either way, I will address this right here, because I do NOT cheat here on my blog or make up ads to make up my own translations to. Or for anything for that matter. Basically, if something is not my original writing or video, I will list the source and tell you where I got it from. I do NOT believe in ripping off stuff from someone else.

The ad was written yesterday by a man in San Francisco. To see the ad for yourself, go to Craigslist, copy the title, and paste it into the "search" button in the personals section in the SF Bay Area and you will get a copy of the ad verbatim without my translation. He is 43 and lives in the Nob Hill area in San Francisco, as that part in the title of the ad didn't get copied in my "manslation" yesterday. The ads are good for 7 days if he doesn't remove it first, and the ad was written yesterday. Also, when you post on Craigslist, your posting is given an anonymous e-mail to respond to, which gets forwarded to your actual e-mail address, so people can write you without knowing your actual e-mail. It's when that person responds to you, that you see his actual address.

Also, if you go back to my entry yesterday, you will see a time stamp and e-mail provided from Craigslist that I copied and pasted as proof. I include that piece of information as proof that this is real. Also, I include that e-mail address in case someone wants to write the guy.

If I get my ads from anywhere else than Craigslist, I will usually tell you where I got it from, such as Yahoo Personals or Plenty Of Fish. Once in while I won't cite my source, but if you have any questions you can e-mail me and I will tell you where I got the ad.

I also wrote the guy for a laugh and have his actual e-mail address and got a response. If you still don't believe me, ask me, I will give you his real e-mail address, then you can hit him up for a date and see what he says, and it won't be me who stops by at your doorstep offering to have your baby.

Anyway, here is the e-mail I sent him yesterday. In the title box, I wrote "Wow"

For the body of the e-mail, I wrote:

Are you always this nosey ? Shouldn't you finesse this information out of women with dinner and drinks first ?

Just a thought.

Here was his response:

Women generally come up with lists like this.

They don't mind being so direct.

Are you interested in dinner and drinks and sharing everything?


Those are his initials, as he did not provide me his actual name. I was shocked out of my mind that he actually thought that women don't mind the direct approach like this. And while a few women do write lists, it's nothing like he makes it out to be.

He actually asked me to dinner and drinks. I did not respond. I would like to tell him that I am really a man and therefore can't get pregnant, and am of no use to him. But I really don't want to respond any further as I am not interested in him.

So there you have it, my loves.

If you have any other questions please feel free to post a comment or e-mail me. Anything we discuss via e-mail will not be posted on my blog to see, of course unless you allow me to. But the reason I called out Joe was because he posted a comment publicly, and he questioned my honesty. When that is questioned, jokingly or not, I will address it because I do take that stuff seriously.

Oh, and Joe, thank you for reading my blog, and welcome.


Loving Annie said...

When you are truthful and factual -and somebody accuses you of any form of a lie, it is annoying.

That's when proof steps up to the plate to back you up, just like you provided.

You just enhanced your credibility brilliantly to any doubters :)

LL said...

What??? Someone questioned your integrity and you took offense? Yup, yup, yup... you're definitely of Germanic descent... ;)

Joe said...

Dear Senorita,

I write to apologize to you. I did not intend to accuse you of lying. My intent was more of a familiar, "Dude, I can't believe someone would write this stuff," intended to agree rather than as an accusation.

I have no doubt this is a real person, although I appreciate your reference to source documents. I also have no doubt that he wrote that with the intention of finding someone and feels his approach might work.

Like the online info you refer to, the written word can be interpreted in many ways when you don't have a relationship with the source. When we can't see people's faces, hear the tone of their voices and see body language it can lead to misunderstandings.

The shocking part is when it really can't be interpreted in any other way. His personal ad, as described by you, shocked me and I responded as I would to a friend.

I guess if I had referred to his ad and said, "...this guy can't be serious", I might not have offended you.

So, I am sorry. I hope that makes up for my earlier message.

And to your supporters, I apologize as well.


Senorita said...

Hi Joe,

Thank you, apology accepted. I figured that's how you meant it, but I wasn't 100% sure. I wasn't too upset, I just wanted people to know that these ads were real thats all.

Welcome to my blog, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers,