Monday, August 3, 2009

Cosmo says you're fat ? I ain't down with that !

Hi My Lovelies,

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend. I was thinking about going to a local art fair to eat, drink and be merry. Last year I went to a fair here where I grew up and bought some fashionable Indian (From India) bracelets and fashions for real cheap. I also ate a lot of food and watched the bellydancers. It was funny because they were doing a routine that I knew the moves to.

But instead I slept in instead and watched TV this weekend. I will try to go to another fair before the summer ends. I already went to the Greek Festival with my friend in June.

While I was chilling out this weekend, I was reading my old guilty pleasure, Cosmopolitan. I haven't been a subscriber for about 5 years now since I was in college. But once in a while I will indulge a little while I am at the hairdresser's or shopping.

I remember why I stopped subscribing................ they pretty much give you the same advice they've been giving for years.

As I was reading this past issue there are a couple of things that I would like to point out.........

1.) Why so many ads for mascara ? To me, most mascaras are pretty much the same. But no, it seems like every company out there has the magic mascara. I will by a cheap mascara from Cover girl and it works just fine as long as you take a Qtip and wipe off the excess makeup so it doesn't get under your eyes. If I am going to shell out dough, I will do it on foundation. I buy Estee Lauder foundation, which is expensive, but it's my complexion we're talking about so I will shell out money for that. Plus, I tend to buy it when free gifts are involved, so everyone wins.

Now they are advertising mascaras with vibrating wands. Seriously, WTF ?????

If I am putting on makeup, I am not putting anything that vibrates near my eyes. Besides, a vibrating wand has a different connotation if you ask me.

2.) Sexual positions. Cosmopolitan claims to have the Holy Grail when it comes to sexual positions and what your man likes best.

Wanna know what I learned ? Men are different. You wanna know what he likes ? Ask him ! Because they will tell you.

I hear the same thing on blogs and TV " I'm a guy, I'm not that picky." Or "us guys are easy, just show up in a thong with a beer" among other cliche lines that involve a word that rhymes with slow mob.

But it really doesn't work that way, men have their preferences too. Maybe he's easy going the first time you get together, but as he gets used to you, then his preferences start kicking in. What one guy claims is the key to his heart or the heart in his pants, does not work on the next guy. No matter what they say in Cosmo or on TV or by some man on his man blog.

Besides, Cosmo just recycles sexual positions. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the following key words in Cosmo editions: Reverse cow-girl, ice cubes, shower, or against the wall.

What's funny is that in the pictures of the models in the shower, the woman's hair is not wet, even though her body is, her makeup is done, and she's wearing jewelry. Wow, seems like I have a lot of work to do in the shower, lol.

And yet I still find myself reading the magazine from time to time.

And before I leave, I am reading my horoscope. As a Sagittarius, the stars are advising me to let go of my "dream guy" expectations this month. Hahaha. That is because an eccentric but boyfriend-worthy man will appear this month in a suprising place.

Basically, I don't have a happening social life right now. I spend almost all my time at work, and at home practicing my dance moves for upcoming performances. So the surprising place he would be appearing would be in my closet. That would really shock me.

Anywho, my loves, it is time for me to go and do something productive.


Scarlet said...

I'm a Sagittarius, too, so maybe I should give up on my dream guy and stick with my husband. ;)

Btw, I love your "slow mob" line and your description of the model in the shower. You're so right.

You reminded me of a scene from The Specialist, a Sylvester Stallone movie they filmed outside my building YEARS ago. When the film came out, I couldn't stop laughing at the love scenes between him and Sharon Stone. You should have seen him flexing those arm muscles...OMG! It was hilarious!

I say keep it as natural as possible but looking hot. You have no problem with's good guys that are also hot that are hard to find.

Btw, I love India bracelets, especially anklets!

LL said...

Eccentric? Boy-friend worthy? Surprising place?

Good luck with that... ;)

If he's coming out of any closet though... I'm not sure he's gonna fit the bill.