Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Hi My Little Secret Squirrels,

I was elated today as I found some leftover ice cream cake in one of the freezers at work. I absolutely love ice cream cake. I love ice cream, cake and frosting. You know how women on a diet will sometimes eat just the cake with no frosting ? Not me, I will eat all the frosting.

I have been trying to make an effort to exercise more and eat healthier. But one thing I refuse to do is give up cake and ice cream, or shall I say ice cream cake. I think I will just have to be on the treadmill longer. Thank God I am not training for the Olympics. I would let sugar get in the way of my gold medal dreams.

Which brings me to the next point.............. Cold Stone Creamery or Baskin Robbins ? It's Baskin Robbins for me, all the way. As a kid, my folks used to take me to Baskin Robbins. It was our thing, and I was in awe of the 31 flavors. It was hard to choose. When my grandma from Austria came over, she took us out to Baskin Robbins. I also prefer their texture over Cold Stone. Cold Stone ice cream has a fattier texture that doesn't really appeal to me, and their portions are too large. I guess as the size of American asses increase, so must our portions. In a country where we aspire to be thin, we sure have large portions.

When Ashleigh and I went to eat at Cheesecake Factory last weekend, we stumbled upon the nutrition menus. We instantly regretted it. Most appetizers alone were at least 1000 calories. The pastas were easily over 2,000 calories. It depressed me. So what do you do when you're depressed ? You eat, so I ordered a huge sushi roll and also ate some of Ashleigh's fried chicken.

On another note, I was lazy and slept in this morning. The obnoxious neighbor dog kept barking and barking, and would not shut up, but I had ear plugs, so I fell back asleep.

But I did get to work on my dance routine for my performace next month. I thought I knew what routine I was gonna do, but I may change. I am thinking about dancing with the sword and going with more traditional music. We shall see. But I'll tell you what, my quads were burning after.

Other than that, I was looking around for some more "manslation" material, but I don't really see anything interesting. Just a lot of the same married men whining about how their wives don't play with their man parts enough. Whine...... whine........ whine.......... hoping that they can trip and fall into a sympathetic woman.

I have to wonder........... Let's just say these wives are in fact denying their husbands sex. What do they think he will do ? Just accept it ? I mean, some do, not all guys cheat, but after a while I would imagine he gets resentful. Don't any of these women have a clue that their men are trolling online ?

If I were married, and I stopped doing my marital duties, and my husband was all happy and being nice to me, I would know that he got it from somewhere, even if it's as minor as porn or those phone services. Men don't just happily accept that they're not gonna get laid. I have to wonder how many women in marriages don't ask themselves that question.

It's not to say that I agree with men that cheat, I do not, and it is never okay to cheat. I am just glad that I'm getting schooled early. This "manslation" hobby of mine has been like a little course in psychology.

Anywho, time to go now. Ciao..............


CMC said...

MMMMMMM ice cream! My favorite.
Also Cheesecake Factory is my absolute favorite! I do the same thing - when it all seems so hopeless, I just eat! Efff....

Are you gonna post a video of your dance routine? You should!

I'm with ya on the WTF are wives thinking by withholding from their man. You're so right - guys are gonna get it from somewhere - its not like holding on your man is gonna get you anywhere... and I'm so not a feminist. I do believe banging your husband is part of your marital duty. Good thing for me I like that part of marriage!

* Ashleigh * said...

I think some women withhold sex as a power trip, especially if they don't work.

Also, they were Buffalo Blasts not Fried Chicken :) The only thing that was fried was the wonton wrapper thingy. The chicken itself was precooked...and effing delicious!

Speaking of delicious, Paint Boy shaved and he looks sooo sexy!

Big Mark 243 said...

I am with you on the 31 Flavors ... and I love Breyer's ice cream to keep in the freezer!

As a cat who has been on both sides and to varying degrees (a nice way to say, I have been around!!), whenever there is issues sexually, repression, frequency, or quality, it is a cover for bigger problems.

My ex held out on me, was banging someone else AFTER I had given her the engagement ring. This meant she was out doing her tramp thing, with me in the house with her pre-teen daughter ... how reckless is that?

Anywho, she couldn't suck it up and tell me that she had a change of heart ... had me parent her girl, wash her nasty panties (which, less be honest, I didn't mind!!) and stay loyal to her, AND she was out trampin' ... geez!

I like what CMC said ... it is part of your duties in whatever committed relationship you are in, and you may as well like your job!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how many women are in those men's shoes. I know I personally am and I just don't get it. My husband said he got depressed and lost interest in sex, so why is it that over 2 years later when he says himself that he's fine, I still can't get any? I know he's not cheating on me, he doesn't have the time and I truly think he's too lazy. But what does he expect me to do???

Senorita said...

To the Anonymous writer,

Unfortunately, I have no way to respond to you or visit your blog, since it's not listed so I will answer you here.

First off, thanks for visiting my blog.

Second of all, I am sorry to hear you're in that position.

I know that this is an increasing problem with women, and I hear about it a lot more. No longer is it just the men that complain about the lack of sex. Maybe I think men just talk about it more, who knows.

I don't know what to say, but if he is on depression meds, that could be one factor.

But after two years of you getting excuses, if he is not making an active effort, I think that is just selfish. If this is making you upset, I really think you have to start asking yourself some hard questions. Is sex with him that important for your relationship ? What if he refuses to work at it ? What are you going to do about it ?
How much longer are you willing to feel like this ?

Good luck, I hope things get better.

*Juliette* said...

Great Blog, Senorita!
I want to comment about the men who complain that their wives are withholding. Many of them are lying about the lack of sex and have a need to be whining about their wives because they are unhappy with themselves. Most of them have bigger problems, as Big mark says. If women would just say no to these douchebags and wait for them to man up and get a divorce already, maybe this problem would not be so prevalent.

Mike said...

It's funny you said that. My first marriage counseler asked my ex the same question. If you are going to totally shut yourself off to me what do you think is going to happen over the long run. She had no answer. I think most people just fall back to childhood behaviors.

Senorita said...

Hi Juliette,

Thanks for your comment, and welcome to my blog.

You are absolutely correct. Another reason men are able to cheat is because some women don't say no to these men, and sleep with them anyways knowing that they are married.

Also, married dudes are getting tricker and more deceptive. Half the battle is deciphering whether he is really married or not. A lot of marrieds don't wear their rings anymore.

Mike, I am glad that you got out of that bad relationship and are moving on.

Loving Annie said...

If you look at the calorie menu at Cheesecake, you'll either lose your appetitie entirely - or eat even more in defiance :)

Sometimes I wonder if the wife stops sleeping with her husband because he acts like a prick to her and she's not impressed with him anymore...

Angela said...

Ich habe grinsen muessen, von Ohr zu Ohr, wie ich das gelesen habe. Ob Du es magst oder nicht, wir sind uns ja sehr aehnlich! Ich esse auch die ganze Torte mit der Glasur, nur - die Eiscreme mag ich nicht.

Aber ich habe die gleichen Ansichten wenn es zu Ehe und Maennern kommt! Wenn man verheiratet ist, muss man zusammenhalten, und meine "Ehe Mathematik" ist: ein Mann und eine Frau = zwei Leute!!!