Sunday, August 30, 2009

We are all whores.............

Good afternoon to you my furry kittens..............

This morning I spent my time embracing my inner whore by watching reality TV. We all have something we indulge in relentlessly. I have mentioned a few posts back that I am a perfume whore, as well as reality TV whore. I will try different perfumes without staying loyal to one. I have never bought the same perfume twice. Why stick with one when something new just got released and is just waiting to be tried ? And no, I am not alluding to my dating habits.

When I was living in Barcelona and had just moved into a flat with a Catalan man who did't speak English, I tried to tell him that I am a perfume whore. I tried to explain the concept to him, but of course that was a big fat failure. The way we use an expression like that just does not translate into Spanish.

He looked at me with a stern face, pointed his finger at me and told me that I should never ever say something like that again. That I should never refer to myself as a slut or a whore, lol. I tried to explain to him what I meant, but he said that is not the way to say it.

Anyway, this morning I embraced my inner reality TV whore. VH1 is so trashy but I can't help myself. I watch most of their shows, and it all started with Rock of Love Bus with the biggest tool and manwhore of all, Brett Michaels. As disgusting as he is, I can't stop watching him. I hear that he may sign on for another season. I hope he does.

Today I was watching My Antonio with Antonio Sabato Jr. I normally don't like Italian men, but he is so fine, he is definitely my type minus the douchebag tatoos he has on his arms and on his back. It looks like he has the male version of a tramp stamp on his back in the form of a bat. No doubt a man like him is whoring around. He has two baby mamas.

He is famous for being an underwear model in the early 1990s, and was in a Janet Jackson music video. He is 37 now, but I think he is hotter now than he was then.

Anyway, he has a dating reality tv show where he is looking for love and trying to find a girlfriend. We all know he can get laid, but I think his career has been lacking and he is trying to get back into the spotlight with a reality tv show. It's working, it's gotten him a lot of publicity, and hey, I am watching !

It's disgusting what he is making these women do, but if you are hot and rich like him, there will always be chicas who are willing to be humilitated on TV by doing the following:

1.) Running in dresses up a steep hill
2.) Writing sappy love letters to him on TV after knowing him for a couple of days
3.) Putting up with his mother, who pretty much judges them on the spot
4.) Doing workouts that are fit for a professional football player
5.) Getting booted off the show for not having nice enough hands and feet.
6.) Getting hypnotized in front of the camera and acting stupid.

This list goes on............

I don't care how hot a man is, I would not be willing to fight like that for him. But then again this is TV, and the normal dating rules don't apply when you are facing the cameras.

Speaking of other VH1 reality tv shows, I have also been watching Tool Academy. If you don't already know what I am talking about, then you probably wouldn't really want to.

Anywho, time for me to go do something interesting like read. All this TV is turning my brain into sludge.


* Ashleigh * said...

I've seen that hotness in person when he was filming a made for tv movie at the Boardwalk called "The Ride". It was about the Big Dipper being a terrifying attraction. It was awful but he was so dang hot! I myself cannot watch that show. It's simply dreadful!

Liam said...

Big Mark 243 said...

I am not too much into the vh1 shows ... I will laugh at your reviews because they are so funny. I find myself entranced when I catch one when I am channel surfing ...

... now, Antonio is a cat that I wouldn't mind waking up and finding that the magic potion worked, and I looked like him!

McLuvin said...

yes! we all have our *indulgences*. Yours aren't so bad! If I get stuck in a reality tv mode it is always america's next top model or something like it. lame, i know....