Friday, August 14, 2009

Uncertain Times

Hi Kittens,

So times are uncertain, and so are things in my world.

Everything is up in the air for me. I will know for sure whether I will have a job or not in 2-5 weeks. I've helped my bosses out with scheduling conflicts, I've picked up extra shifts, and I know how to do the jobs of others in addition to my own. I feel that I've put myself out there. But I know that really means nothing nowadays. I still know that they could call me in and let me go. There really is no loyalty anymore, even though they told me they appreciate all my efforts. For all I know, they could pick the slackers to stay over me. Logical ? No, but life is not logical or fair.

I had a dance performance scheduled as well as my high school reunion next month. Now I don't know if:

1.) I will have to cancel both because of a scheduling conflict if I have a new schedule or
2.) I get to show up to my high school reunion unemployed.

Nothing in my life is stable. Earlier this year around March I had to move because my roommate lost his job and had to go back to his country. This happened during my last quarter of school and during my hardest classes. I had to drive his ass to the airport with his bags packed, after we cleared out our apartment. It was sad, and I really wish things didn't happen the way they did because we got along real well. Especially since he watched all the trashy reality TV shows I did.

If I get laid off and can't find another job, I may have to move again. Who knows. I am not asking for help at my current place. I find that when you ask for help, sometimes people may help, but feel it is their right to either tell you what to do, or take advantage of your situation while they have the upper hand. It happened to me when I lived abroad, and I am glad it happened early on, I feel like I've learned a valuable lesson.

I have also been interviewing with law firms, and although I had some wonderful interviews, the competition is really fierce and I'm getting a lot of rejection. They want me to have more experience, and although they like all the volunteering I've done, it simply isn't good enough.

While this is going on, I have to remember to have a positive attitude and put all that Law of Attraction shit to use so maybe I can attract a better paycheck.

At least I am starting to work out again and feel a little better.

Okay, enough complaining for now. Time to go celebrate Ashleigh's birthday. I bought her a cake, and I could use some comfort food.

Besitos !


Cathy said...

Just stopped by to see what a woman that gorgeous talks about. Once again I'm amazed that incredible-looking people are just as human as anyone lol.

Angela said...

I have no doubt that you'll have a great job coming your way soon. You are - and have always been - a survivor. You have a bright future ahead, and come to think of it your current life is great as well!

I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished. Keep on going!

Big Mark 243 said...

All I can do is wish that you get what you want, and that what you want has been well thought out.

I'd send you a cake, but I don't know where to send it!! But really, ask for EVERYTHING that you want, be as complete as possible and get after it and meet it on its way!

Winivere said...

Ooo, Girl... I know where you are coming from, but we are not sit down girls... If we want to do anything in this life, we have to take a risk. Otherwise, everything stays the same. If you don't get the job, keep on volunteering. That's what got my foot in the door and it's been hurting ever since! ha ha... When you volunteer remember that you already know how to be a secretary. Your goal is to get a legal job. Focus on learning & practicing the legal skills that can make you a valuable asset. Be good to yourself & stay away from that reunion if you are unemployed.