Saturday, August 22, 2009

The state of my gym and California

Hi Lovelies,

Last night was nice as I didn't have to work. I did a bunch of errands and went to the gym to work on some ass deflation techniques.

There is a section of the gym for us to do do exercises on the floor, such as squats, lunges, pushups, whatever our hearts desire. So I started out there, and luckily it was fairly empty. So, I am minding my own business when this older Indian dude gets his exercise equipment and plops down right next to me.

I mean, couldn't he have just backed up a few feet ? We had the space. Besides, I was already at the corner, and when I moved over a little, he kinda inched his way over a little too......... What ever happened to the concept of private space ?????

So I just continued to do my exercises, and as I was standing on the device that looks like half an exercise ball to do my squats, he kept looking at me. Then he started to do some of the exercises that I was doing. I mean, fine, but do them in your own corner, pal.

Speaking of the gym, I always wear pants. No chance I will wear shorts. Sometimes I will see the chicas on the machines in their shorts. You know, the weight machines that require you to open and close your legs. I can't tell you how embarrassed I feel for the girls that decide to do that with shorts. Sometimes women will wear shorts when they do situps with their legs in the air. I save that shit for when I am at home.

The men at the location I go to are NOT worth looking skanky for. Most of them are either old, and out of the seniors, a good bunch of those have a pervy twinkle in their eyes. Combine that with the younger dudes that look like gangsta wannabes and have tattoos and drive Honda Civics or Durangos and bump up banda music in their tricked out rides with rims. Ohh, how I hate banda (a form of traditional Mexican music with German polka music which makes my eardrums bleed).

After the gym I decided to erase all my hard work with a nice plate of Korean BBQ. I love Korean BBQ. It was delicious, expensive, and worth it.

While I was there, enjoying my dinner and feeling thankful that I am a carnivore, this wannabe gangsta/thug just strolls in, walks straight to the cashier desk, steals a huge stack of napkins, looks straight at me with the dumbest look of accomplishment on his face and strolls back out. The staff was back in the kitchen.

This guy was total white trash, trying to fit in. He had his hat on backwards, his jeans sagged, and he was all dressed in red, which is one of the gang colors in my area. He could've been a gangbanger I guess, but I don't know. I think that this guy stole napkins to make makeshift diapers for his baby.

I guess each area has its own version of trash. On the East Coast, like Jersey for example, you have the guidos. Here, in the Bay Area, we have thugs/gangsta wannabes. What pisses me off the most about them, is not nesessarily that they deface property with graffiti, although it is disgusting. It's that they breed, and raise little wannabees. I would gladly trade and take the guidos and give Jersey our prizes.

While we are on that note, I am really upset with our government. Thanks to our budget crises, and overcrowding of prisons, we are forced to release some of the nonviolent offenders early. I am real pissed about that. That, and some laws will be changed. I read briefly that writing bad checks will be bumped down from a felony to a misdemeanor, and so will car theft.

I know that our prisons are overcrowded. I've seen the pictures, and it's mayhem. I don't think most people realize how bad it's gotten. And the overcrowding is definitely not shown on the prison shows such as Locked Up on NBC. While the conditions are deplorable, I don't agree with groups that cry it's inhumane and violates our 8th Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. It's freaking prison. As long as the guards aren't beating them or purposely withholding food, I think we're being humane. We're in a budget crises. If we're stripping children of bus rides to school and cutting benefits from seniors, the prisoners should live like crowded sardines, with bunkbeds crammed in the gym. It's meant to be unpleasant, so hopefully they don't return. Besides, most of them were in juvenile detention centers. We were kinder to them in juvenile detention. Now they've run out of chances and need to own up to their crimes.

I wish that we could build another prison. Some lawmakers actually argue that releasing these gems early will save a lot of money and even keep the streets safer. I think it may be pennywise, but definitely pound foolish. And it sends out the wrong message and create resentment among those who actually follow the laws and have to share the streets with these offenders.

I like the tough-on-crime stance. We should be generous with our youth, and be generous in eduacation spending, but tough on crime.

While rehabilitation efforts can work, only a few people take advantage of that. The rest go back out and reoffend. Try and talk to these people. Try and reach out to them. They don't care. I breifly volunteered with the Public Defender's Office. I dealt with people on parole or off parole and trying to clear their records. Most of those people didn't care, and many reoffended, racking up charges, and some being as bold as to blame us when things didn't work in their favor.

Okay, enough ranting for now. Time to take a shower.


CMC said...

LMAO! You're just a hot senorita, and all the old sweaty dudes wanna invade your personal space at the gym! I'm with you on prisoners - but I say mandate all the prisoners WORK!

LL said...

Car theft dropped to a misdemeanor eh? That'll certainly discourage it...

I don't know how any decent person can stand to live in CA anymore. I really don't...

Anonymous said...

I'd be quite happy to have all the prisoers in California dumped on an island somewhere (hello alcatraz ?) and let them fend for themselves.
We need to have more prisons - and quicker consequences for people's illegal actions.
Shame society isn't safrer thsa it is - our laws seem to protect the bad guys instead of the innocents.

Anonymous said...


I'd be quite happy to have all the prisoers in California dumped on an island somewhere (hello alcatraz ?) and let them fend for themselves.
We need to have more prisons - and quicker consequences for people's illegal actions.
Shame society isn't safer than it is - our laws seem to protect the bad guys instead of the innocents.

* Ashleigh * said...

Can I get an AMEN!?!!??!