Friday, August 21, 2009

Things that make me go........eeew or WTF ??

Hi Loves,

I went to the gym yesterday to work on deflating my fat ass. I started out on the stairmaster. The one where the steps are large and move like an escalator. I was on the machine, and I look over and there is this man hunched over on the machine, sweating all over it. I understand how people work out and sweat a lot. But this man was just hunched over it, sweating profusely all over the rails with his sweaty hands, the screen, and onto the steps. Sweat was dripping all over it, and he was huffing and puffing, looking like he was going to die. I doubt he cleaned it off, and I wonder about the germs I came in contact with yesterday.

Then I moved on over to the treadmill. While I was on it, another lady came over to use the machine next to me, and I thought nothing of it.............until she opened her mouth. I could smell her rank breath. She obviously burped and out came fermented rotten meat stank. I fanned my hands in front of me and looked at her, and she was just oblivious to it all. And she kept reoffending. So gross.

What was the eeeew factor. Now for the WTF Factor.............

What I don't understand is why there are male announcers on strictly female commercials. I was listening to an announcement for I think Kohls or some other store like that, where a man was announcing a sale on womens bras and panties. Not lingerie type bra and panties, but the regular ones. I mean, if you want to get Antonio Banderas to announce a sale on Victorias Secret bras, I may buy it, but otherwise, please stick to female announcers.

I was also watching TV recently and a man's voice was narrating a commercial for a pregnancy test, either EPT or Clear Blue, I can't remember which. I mean, yeah the man is definitely involved in the conception, as he is the one injecting her with his DNA.

But the woman is the one who pees on the the stick and is the only one carrying the baby. I guess I am just not used to hearing men advertise female products. I wouldn't want some man telling me what stick to pee on, I would rather have a woman tell me.

I still await the day that it is a male voice telling women to "have a happy period" when advertising Always pads.

On that note, who DOES "have a happy period"? I still can't believe Always is using that slogan, which has caused a lot of women to send hate mail to the company.

So I covered the male announcers, let's talk about the female announcers........

I find it amusing when I see the Extenze commercials at night, where female announces with flirty eyes that Extenze "increases the size of that certain part of the male body". Ooooh...... what part could that possibly be ? His hands ? Feet ? But no, they always just say "make a man larger". Why can't we just say PENIS on TV ? I don't get the big deal.

I am shocked that men still buy that stuff, after doctors claim that there is nothing that will make your schlong bigger. If I didn't have a conscience I would be peddling those capsules too.

Anywho, enough pondering for now my little meowing furballs.

Besitos !


Loving Annie said...

I find it equally offesnive when women interview fottball players during/after a game on the field and in the locker room.

If you aren't out there playing - you have no business announcing. Be a cheerleader if you've just GOT to have the attention of the crowd.

I'd rather see Howie Long on a panel instead.
He can comment on tight ends and sacks all he likes and I'll listen with rapt attention.

CMC said...

HOLY shite - I am dying laughing over here! You're right - rank people at the gym - MAJOR ewwwwww.
Maybe that's why I don't go... hmmm... As for the announcers, I guess I never thought about it, but good points! "have a happy period." WTF. EVERY period is a tragedy! Its the shedding of yet another unfertilized egg of a finite supply... so sad. Anywho, your blog cracks me up!

Big Mark 243 said...

The lady in the extenze commercial is as creepy as all get out. I couldn't imagine being intimate with her.

I would love for the EPT test that Bill Bellamy used to joke about. You know, where the girl looks at the test and give it a shake. She says to her weed head boyfriend, "Well, your a** needs to get a job!"

The fitness center is another place where the rules of decorum have been suspended. People like that old cat, feel that effort makes them justified in being slobs. As to the funky mouth lady, some people are just hygenically challenged. And again, they come to the gym and are just as funky as they'd be if you had met them at work or in the street.

Lesson: There are more people who are hygenically challenged than you think!

Angela said...

Ach Du liebe Zeit! ABer Du schreibst so wunderbar witzig, ich lache wie verrueckt!

Ach ja, die TV Werbung! Es waere doch schoen, wenn Du ein paar machen koenntest und auf Youtube postest! Besonders die kleinen blauen Pillen...hahaha.

Viele Bussi!

LL said...
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LL said...

Thanks Angela. I've never seen that phrase in print before, just heard my grandparents say it all the time. It's kinda fun to see it and remember back...