Friday, July 17, 2009

Having $$$ Makes Doucheyness Okay........

TITLE: im rich but i need you to overlook that I have $10 to my name

Reply to: pers-aa8a4-1264907619@craigslist.orgDate: 2009-07-11, 12:04PM

I am seeking for a woman who is special and down to earth such original standards in a woman. I'm not concerned what your race is or your religion or where you are from but I definitely welcome petite Asians or busty blondes. Im actually interested in what kind of person you are than your actual appearance because you will have to search for my inside beauty, as outside is another story. Actually, I am ready to give everyone a chance because you'll have to force yourself to give me a chance . Here are some of the things i would like in someone.... Someone energetic, bubbley bubbly, perky blondes most welcomed and caring don't taunt me like I was in high school. Also, i would like it if you DONT smoke however, if you are its alright as long as you are not a chronic smoker I have no standards, I let women walk all over me, and get bitter when they do. The reason why im telling you im wealthy LMAO is that i prefer you know now because money is the only thing that will make you even fart in my direction, instead of finding out much later when you're already long gone. The fact that you know will allow you to decide if i spark your interest or not. Just because i am wealthy hahahaha doesnt mean i am going to spend all my money on you (i realize this may sound harsh but I want a woman who wants me and not just my money) Really, babe, I won't be spending anything on you because not only am I cheap, but I don't even have that much to my name. Also the wife would find out by seeing those bank withdrawals and overdraft fees- anyway, you never know what the future has in store. I suppose it's possible I could win the lotto sorry i dont have a picture posted, I value my privacy very much not only am I married, but I am not even that hot, and will do the same for you. Well.... Im tall 5'5 with blue eyes, and black hair and I workout as much as I can I couldn't all year. If you are interested, send me an email.

Smell you later !


Big Mark 243 said...

Loved the line about 'taunt in high school'! That is prolly dead on ... and another great 'man-slation'!

Anonymous said...

ha-ha-ha-ha, that's your best on yet, Senorita !!!!! Roflmao :)

Angela said...

Oh my! What a priceless piece of literature! I can always count on getting my daily dose of laughter on your blog.

Thanks! better than any jokes!