Thursday, July 23, 2009

If I whine, maybe she'll sleep with me

Aloha my loves,

Another married douche on the internet. You know what they say, another douche, another dollar. Holla ! "Manslations" are in bold.

Title: Save me from this hell.............. 48 y/o

This is where I say something witty right? I have nothing brilliant to say Something that sets me apart from all of the other men who place ads herein I am as married and boring as the other boring married men on Craigslist---trying to lure ladies into their web of lies............. And there you have it---thats what I can offer---honesty / truth I deserve a medal for telling the truth and you should want to sleep with me for that. So---without fanfare or lies---here is what I seek and offer: I am a seasoned old with grey hair executive entry level management. I work hard---and I really miss playing hard I wanna get laid. I loathe going home to the burbs to my stale, boring, dull and abusive wife she kicks my ass. Yes---I am married---but soooooooooooo unhappy I want a lady to fuck me out of sympathy. I just want a lady who wants to meet after work for a cocktail. Perhaps you hate going home to your husband or boyfriend since you being attached makes it all better and okay. Perhpas you have neither---but do not want the full time hassles of a partner. Or----perhaps you have no one---and you too just don't want to go home right after work like a robot................... I do not judge since I am in no position to judge you---and all I ask in return is not to be judged. Please note---this is not a plea for sex PLEASE have sex with me---its a sincere quest on my part to meet a nice lady that may one day enable me to be comfortable enough to tell the bitch at home you will have to listen to me cry about her (who seriously mentally berates and abuses me) to take a hike I want a woman to care for me like a battered puppy, since I have no self esteem and don't know how to stand up for myself...... I have been honest herein----because I am being honest, that makes it all okay for me to cheat on my wife and call her a bitch Please---no games--no bots---no ladies under 40. Write me-- What do you have to lose? Besides your dignity.


Big Mark 243 said...

Write me-- What do you have to lose? Besides your dignity.

Sad, but true. Funny, yet pathetic.

Hey, I like your new pics!!

Loving Annie said...

What is utterly appalling is that this guy doesn't see how totally repulsive his ad or his attitude is. Ugh.
Why his wife didn't divorce him long ago is beyond me. Any woman who responded to that ad is a fool.

MindyMom said...

You jsut can't make this stuff up. Unbelievable.

Angela said...

Ouch! Once again you hit it smack on the head!

What a pathetic excuse for a human being that is. But, your interpretations make it fun and entertaining for the rest of us.

Amazing the types out there....

Charmaine said...

You're really something. Wise beyond your years.

I mentioned you, today, on my blog.

You're fan,