Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello My Babies..............

"Manslation" time 4 u !

Title: Strapping Fireman with a Big Hose big man, big firetruck, small penis (oakland downtown)

Ok the title is cheesy false advertising i'll admit but I couldn't resist as trying this for only the 3rd time because it's a numbers game, baby, eventually someone will buy it. The other 2 times I got only a few replies and most of the women were either really fat, really ugly, or really really old because I am really fat, ugly and old. Some were all three just like me !. Hopefully this net I cast now will turn up an edible fish ( no pun intended) pun definitely intended, I want to do bad, dirty things to you upon meeting you. I'm tall and built and buff, 6'2 205, rugged and handsome blah blah blah. Women seem to find me attractive and I'm outgoing and fun twenty years ago. I'm open to white, latin and asian women. The main thing is that you be someone that takes care of themselves no fatties !. I'm 34 years old will be 40 next year, like to have fun, would like to meet a sensual sexy woman but there must be chemistry I like 'em slutty. A drink would be a good start as we will both look better under the influence !

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PorkStar said...

I'm 34 years old will be 40 next year <--- hahahaha

That is a good one and oh lord, the damn fools never stop writing the same nonsense...

Typical idiots, and yeah, he sure is good looking blah blah..