Thursday, July 30, 2009

If a pic is worth 1000 words, I have 5000 words for you

Hello My Kittens,

I swear to baby Jesus, you just can NOT make this shit up. This man is alive and resides here in my area. And he is on the prowl for some pootang. Any takers ?

I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves as to what a complete pantywaste this man is.

But wouldn't you like to hear what comes out of his mouth ? I thought that you would never ask.........

I am a self made man, from the school of hard knocks, no college education, I started my business when I was 16 & and had to sacrifice a lot of the things that most people see as second nature (Art, Music, Culture, Current Events, traveling, Reality TV etc) I know nothing about any of these things.I honestly believe the old saying, "behind every great man, there is a great woman. (And/or a surprised mother-in-law.)I know I have greatness in me, but I have had a hard time extracting it. I have a little money, but I don't equate greatness to financial success, although it does help. From an outsider's view, I look extremely materialistic, pretentious & shallow, but by nature I am not. The only reason I worked so hard to accumulate so many things was so I could have the best potential chance of getting my dream girl, that I would be proud to call the mother of my children.Most women I meet asks me the same question, "Why aren't you married or in a relationship, you are like the perfect man?"They tell me, “You're too good to be true,” & all they can think of is, "he is good looking, funny, charming, and has everything. He is probably married. He could have any woman he wants, so I better sabotage this relationship before I get hurt." So they never truly give the relationship a chance. I had a girl tell me, "I miss you terribly, what are you doing to me, I need to distance myself from you." All in the same sentence. It is very frustrating. I am a very honest, loyal and faithful person. I am not the type of man that thinks the grass is always greener some place else. I am very grateful for what God has given me and I know he could take it all away from me in a second.I love a woman who thinks she Gods gift to mankind. If she doesn't, most likely I won't either.I love an intelligent woman. I'd like to meet a woman that can push me to the next level. I want to get to the 8 figure net worth figure, but so far it has evaded me.

I have an idea. I think that this prize and our Mc Donald's pervo featured below should get together and become gay lovers.


LYN said...



MindyMom said...

Are those white jeans??

Lol. What a catch! ;)

Anonymous said...

He's a crazy-making bull**T artist. Speaking words that have no meaning to him in attempt to reel yet another woman in to admire him before he makes her nuts with his games :"what are you doing to me".

If some woman WAS god's gift to mankind, she sure wouldn't want this player-player.


uninterested in anything except himself

can't find any greatness in himself because it isn't there except in his delusions

works but isn't really good at whatever it is he does.

Thinks only 'things' will attract the future mother of his children because he hasn't developed anything about himself in terms of character. What he sees is what he is - a shallow mirror.

The women are only looking at his exterior intially before they run away after he's played yet one more infuriating head game on them.

And this paragon of faithfulness ? why are there three different pics of him each with a different woman ?
Does this prove his loyalty ???

Charmaine said...

I had NO IDEA I would love your blog so much. I am going to have to share with you some of the CRAZY CRAP on-line dating men send me.

Like I said, with age I've relaxed my standards only to (they) only get worse with age.

Sista, you're right. You can't make this shit up.

Random Esquire said...

Wow. When I read things like this, I wonder if these people realize how insanely transparent they are. What a complete douche.

(Interesting blog, by the way!)


Angela said...

Oh my! Priceless! And he posts these pictures out of his own free will? This is the best he's got?

Well, since like attracts like, he'll get what he deserves.

Thanks for making me laugh and giggle....