Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random Thoughts of Senorita

Hello My Lovelies,

Now that Michael Jackson's memorial is over, I wish that he would stop dominating the news. Now people just have to know where he is being buried. Who the hell cares ? I do have to say that I laughed out loud when our dear little friend Al Sharpton gave Michael Jackson the credit for getting Obama elected as president in the memorial yesterday. He said that it was MJ who broke down race barriers so that Obama, a black man would be elected into office. Wow, and after that the reporters were commenting on how wonderful Al Sharpton's speech was and basically kissing his ass. I wanted to vomit.

Wow, so Martin Luther King twenty years earlier had nothing to do with it ? I understand MJ helped facilitate the process and broke down barriers, but many people all over the world had to come together to make the world a more equal place. Also I guess all those activists during the years were useless. And since it was all Michael Jackson, people making the decision to stop hating had nothing to do with it.

Like I mentioned above, the MJ hoopla has gotten way out of hand. People are also saying that they saw his ghost at Neverland. While a reporter was giving a tour of the house, you could see a shadow across the wall. People were all "OMG OMG, that's MJ's ghost !" I saw the footage, and it was clearly the shadow of a cameraman walking across the property. I believe in ghosts, but c'mon !

There was a quote made by someone a while back that I really agree with " No one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public." I agree 100%.

Speaking of which, MSNBC has been marketing itself as "THE place for politics." Their slogan is "Yep, we're talking politics." Anytime, you use a slang word like "yep" and "politics" in a sentence, I question that.

America is the place where there is a solution to everything. We have a pill for everything, a name for any condition you may have. You have high cholesterol ? Don't work on your diet, just take a pill. You have headaches due to stress ? Don't get extra sleep and work on your diet. Just keep pushing yourself and popping painkillers.

You can't afford that nice house ? It's okay, because we will extend the credit to you anyway. And when you can't afford the payments anymore, you don't have to take responsibility. It is the the government's fault for not stopping you in making a bad decision.

You don't know what to think ? That's okay we will bring in political analysts on TV to help you make decisions. We will tell you what to think. Oh look, and we'll even do it in High Definition. Just sit back, relax, and don't think. We will think for you. We may even bring in a couple of ex advisors and lawyers. Because they have credentials, you can just take what they say and believe it. We know how busy you are, so don't think because we will think for you. Oh look, news in two minutes ! How convenient !

I watched MSNBC cover the news this morning out of a combo of boredom and not wanting to get off my ass to exercise. So while I was watching and eating Ben and Jerry's I saw them cover Sarah Palin leaving her post as governor first followed by Michael Jackson and the hoopla of people wondering where he was really buried. Only after that nonsense did they say that they would come back to cover Obama in Italy.

I couldn't give two shits about Palin. I only cared when she was up for VP. She's Alaska's problem now so let them deal with it. Also, MJ is dead. He can't come back, he can't be put on trial anymore, and he isn't going to England so leave the man alone and let his family mourn in peace.

Going back to Obama, I have been noticing that Obama usually gets a lot of coverage when he's giving friendly interviews. Yet, when he's off actually meeting with officials, it doesn't really make it in the news.

Okay, I best get off my soap box now and maybe even get some exercise.

Tootles, my lovelies.

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Amen, sister!