Wednesday, July 29, 2009

“Smart, sexy, gentleman looking 4U”

No Joke, that was this man's headline and he's pushing 40.
What a way for him to sell himself: Just grab Ronald McDonald's hair and step on his crotch. How attractive.
So not sexy, and his outfit is NOT smart at all.
He looks like a used car salesman that wears Hawaiian shirts to work on casual Fridays. He also looks like the type that would try to cop a feel in the back of the used car he'd be selling.
Something also tells me he's probably married.


MindyMom said...

Can't believe this guy thought that was a good pic! And I think you are right on.

Charmaine said...

Holy Mother of God.

If I showed you the kind of hits I get on-line you would think this
"Mr. Old Man" was a prize.

Girl, what site on you on?

But kid. Seriously, you just have to laugh at these poor bastards.

Jimmy's Journal said...

He looks like a dufus to me!


Charmaine said...

I'm not done with you little Senorita.

You are one tough girl. I respect you. (When you get to be my age, you will relax your standards). But not in an important way.

Nobody is gonna push you, or me, around. Not ever. But you've given me moment to pause, and think.

Thanks Chica.

dadshouse said...

Dude looks older than 40. What's he doing at McDonalds?