Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Persian Friend Has Struck Again

Hello My Babies,

As Organic Meatbag (one of my readers) has said, it's the return of the Feral Persian Manimal. In all of his Persian Glory.

Below is his latest creation.

Title: ~*~*~ I dream of a Gentle, Glamorous, and FAT Lady ~*~*~ I wanna get all up in her stuff

I am attractive lol , neat, nice, mature an old bag, educated, spiritual Jesus would want me to bang you, and ethical man if I am considered attractive, then I am ethical. I have various interests including gardening your lady garden and more. I am looking for a great friend and sincere partner to enjoy life together. Please, replay with a detail email and if possible with a recent picture because as you can see, I didn't hold anything back. Thank you. Merci.

Keywords: BBW, large, full-figured, overweight OKAY we get it, honesty, support, respect, kindness, maturity, morality, wisdom as you can see from my grey hair, quality, understanding look past my pot belly and bushy eyebrows, family, community, humanity, happiness, loneliness I like them lonely, sadness, sorrow, cure I will cure your ailments with my penis, excitement, hopes, progress, civilization, catholic, Jewish Im Muslim but my penis doesn't discriminate.


Loving Annie said...

I always laugh so hard at your wisecracks !!! Hee-hee.
Thanks for the regualr comments at my place, btw !
Hope you are having a good week, Senorita -

Angela said...

Ah, what a gem! I hope this guy keeps peddling his wares on Craigs list, for you to interprete.

headbitingprincess said...

oh for the love of our youth !!! crimebusters Im'a come a'callin'
oy vey
good eye Meat