Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random happenings over the weekend

Hello There My Lovelies,

Never a dull moment in the life of Mistress Senorita.

I had to meet my friend to get my double veils and costume top fixed. She lives in a gated area in a ghettofabulous area.

I forgot my cell to call her to let me in, so instead I had to climb over the gate. I stood on the dumpster and kinda jumped over. Been a long time since I've done that.

Before then, as I was looking for parking, I almost hit a guy. I felt so bad. The road was crowded with parked cars and I took my eye off for one second, and I almost hit him.

I rolled down the window and appologized profusely, luckily he was nice about it. I got out of the car and he saw me holding my costume bra and my Victoria's Secret bag with my veils in it, and he looked me up and down and stared. I felt awkward and scurried away so I could jump over the fence in peace.

On another note, yesterday I went to the YMCA with my friend to practice a dance routine for our September performance. While I was in the bathroom, there was this one women that was just standing around naked. Usually when I go to the gym women around me are more modest. Not this woman. She walked right up to my friend and started talking, with her goodies hanging out.

I was waiting for my friend in the bathroom, and I was sitting on the bench. A little while later, Ms. Naked comes back out in the buff and makes her way towards me. I realized I was sitting next to her locker. I immediately appologize and move, and start looking down, and she gives me this wierded out look, like I am being rude for not treating her like I would a clothed person. My friend was just making mindless banter with her, and Ms. Naked just stands there giving us a full frontal view for a few before even thinking about getting dressed.

Maybe I need to lighten up, I don't know. She was a little older, and I am not used to seeing my mom's generation strutting in the buff. My parents didn't raise me like that.

But the most embarassing thing that happened to me over the weekend ? I won't be divulging that here. I will post in my private blog soon. I will just say it was a OMG WTF moment.


Big Mark 243 said...

Wow ... you have a lot of followers ... way more than when I first started to read your journal.

I can just about imagine what that cat was thinking, you rushing past after almost hitting him, jumping over the fence to go see your 'client'! LOL!!

People like that old lady weird me out. It is almost always someone at least 15 years older than you, and not the most buff person, as if having someone's junk in your face could depend on them being attractive. After all, you have the same equipment!

I tend to think that people who do that fall in three categories 1) butt munches, who you wouldn't like anyway 2) privately insecure, but exhibitionist in the gym 3) people who are trolling for someone who wants to 'get at' some homosexual or bisexual adventures.

That is my take. I think you had a cool weekend!

Mike said...

LOL. Yeah that would make a sight with the bra and Victoria's Secret bag.

Someone like that is trolling for something unless she's from Europe.

Winivere said...

Stop staring at people's privates, S! Maybe she thought you were interested. LOL