Sunday, May 24, 2009

Luck was on my side

Hello There My Lovelies,

So today was definitely an interesting day.

I went to go see my favorite local Band Fontain's Muse at the shopping center. I will write about that later, because it was a nice ending to a colorful morning.

On the way there, a man's bicycle fell off his SUV and went into the highway. The car in front of me used her breaks and avoided it, but because I ended up closer to her when she used her breaks to avoid the bicycle, I was the one that ended up running over the bicycle. Of course I tried to slam on my breaks and avoid it, but that clearly didn't work.

So I slammed on my breaks, it went under my car, where I drove with it underneath my car, not knowing what was going on, and then it was if my car spit it back out onto the road. I immediately pulled over to assess the damage.

I'm not gonna lie. That scared the shit out of me. I ended up parking behind the owner of the bike. He asked me if I was okay, and I learned that I ran over his bicycle.

The guy's nice expensive looking bike was demolished and my car smelled like burnt rubber. There were two bikes, and his wife was in the car, so I assume I demolished hers. The chain was loose, the seat was gone, and the front tire was ripped off.

Someone who witnessed the incident called 911 and a cop showed up. I then learned that though I could file a police report, that wouldn't be the best option because........

I would be the one held responsible, and I would get a point on my driving record.

He said that unless the bike flew at my car first, then I would be held responsible. Even though he was the one who lost it on the road, and I almost got hurt.

No one follows the speedlimit of 65 mph. Everyone was going at least 70/75. And people were kind of close to each other. There was a lot of activity on the road for a Sunday morning.

There was no way I could've avoided running over that bicycle. In order for me to have not been deemed responsible, I suppose I could've immediately swerved into the next lane where someone else could've slammed into me (at the rate traffic was going) and cause serious injuries and possibly sending me and themselves to the hospital.

1.) Run over the bike and damage my car and be held responsible ?
2.) Endure serious injuries and not be responsible ?

Hmm............ I chose number one.

I have to say that I was really lucky today. No one was hurt, and although the front of my car as well as underneath is dented, I can still drive my car.

And the guy didn't file a police report. He was nice and kept making sure that I was okay. If I were in the same position, I would've done the same thing as he, and let it slide. His bike could've easily killed someone. I don't know how I didn't get hurt, or how my car is still able to run, but it is, and I am thankful. And I think he is thankful that no one got hurt.

And I am thankful the highway patrol officer was nice and talked to me to help me calm down. I was shaken up and didn't know what my options were.

Be safe out there this holiday weekend.


Mike said...

Yeah some rules are just crazy. Like if you hit a tree you're covered. However if a tree falls on you your not. Happy to hear that you are safe.

* Ashleigh * said...

Oh my gosh!!! Are you ok?!?! Sorry I couldn't answer my phone when you called - I was working. Oh senorita, I'm glad you're alive!

I'd check the bottom of your car in the morning to make sure it's not leaking any fluids.

I'm working manana 8a-5p. Last week of school so I will be a busy mo'fo