Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Are All Whores !

Well Hello There My Lovelies,

Yes, I said it. I am a whore, you are a whore, we are all whores, so lets all hug, hold hands and celebrate our whoredom together.

I am a whore when it comes to two things:

1.) Reality TV
2.) Cosmetics

Let's start with reality tv. I am not loyal to just one show. I watch them all, on all different channels such as Bravo, VH 1, and TV Land. I get around in the reality tv world. I've even taken it to a new level by reading the cast blogs, reading all the gossip about them on the internet, and watching the reunion shows.

I am especially a slut when it comes to the Real Housewives series. I've seen them all: Atlanta, Orange County, New York, and I am watching New Jersey now. And I like it.

Basically they are all the same: Married/divorced/single middle aged women that are really middle class or broke but think they are rich because they wear clothes and live in houses they can't afford. They brag about how wonderful they are, how people think they are bitches but they don't care, and how much they contribute to charity. Oh, and need I mention how they sit and bitch about each other all day. And yet I still sit and watch it.

The latest Housewives from New Jersey should be real interesting. I like Caroline and Teresa, and not so much the others, but maybe they'll grow on me. It looks this season will be the juiciest ever.

2. Now onto me whoring around in cosmetics/beauty products. I am not brand loyal, and hey, I will even use men's products. I am what you might call polyamorous when it comes to products. I use what I use, I love what I love, no restrictions, lol.

Take yesterday for example. I was shopping for soap, and I bought Axe Effect, which is a men's soap. But it smells so good, and I heard about it while I was living in Austria for the summer about 10 years ago I think. It was advertised on TV, and I loved those commercials in German. So I went down the neighborhood store and bought a container. It smelled so good, and now it's sold in the US. That and Fa. I first used Fa when I lived with my Aunt in Austria when I was 10. So I like to occasionally buy Fa and Axe Effect.

I also love men's deodorants because they are stronger, as well as cologne. I wore Valentino for men colonge occasionally because it reminded me of Europe.

As for female soaps and deordorants, I don't think I've used the same soap/shampoo/perfume/lotion/makeup consecutively. (Except for Estee Lauder foundation) I love switching it up. There are so many different brands out there, especially when it comes to products for women. It is a huge market that everyone wants a piece of. There's always a new brand, a new line, or a new scent coming out. It wouldn't be as fun for me if I just stuck to one brand.

To me, there is always something better lurking around the corner, lol.

But so far here are some of my favorite products that I am either loyal to.

1.) Estee lauder foundation. It's the only one I know that is lightweight, and doesn't make me break out
2.) Venus razors with a dispozable razor head. I used to cut myself all the time, but not since I found those a few years ago.
3.) NYX lipliner
4.) Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser. Excellent for removing makeup, even eye makeup without getting oily goop near my eyes.

So as you can see, with all the products I have (and I have a crapload of products) I am only loyal to four.

So, what about you ? Do tell.........


* Ashleigh * said...

I'm a MAC, Neutragena, Oil of Olay, and Express whore :)

I use men's razors for shaving since the blades tend to be sharper and get a closer shave. I love my Fusion :)

Scarlet said...

First of all, I'm glad you're coming out and speaking on behalf of all of us because it's not easy admitting we're thank you for that!

I whore around in the Mens Cologne Department whenever I'm at a store like Macy's or Bloomingdale's.

Perry Ellis (the clear one) is my favorite. Years ago I'd wear Fahrenheit and Obsession for Men because I was attracted to the scent...although it made my boyfriend jealous and my mother suspicious. I couldn't help myself. (I was such a closet whore back then; I'd never admit it!)

Senorita said...

Ashleigh, you are the biggest MAC whore I know, lol.

I still use the lipgloss set you gave me. Thanks for that.

Scarlet, welcome to my blog. I am glad I could help liberate you. It just warms my heart.

Big group hug !

Myra said...

Nail polish! I have so many nail polishes, all brands, cheap, expensive...if I like the color, I get it. Nevermind, that I have the almost exact color at home, just need a new one. Lipstick...tons, all colors, all brands, some are almost the same color, most I've only worn once for an outfit. Shoes...I have a shoe room...'nuf said! Whew...I feel better now!

Big Mark 243 said...

I am a label whore, according to AKA ... and man, that you use AXE and men's deodorants is sooo sexy!