Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hello Again My Lovelies,

So today I met my favorite local band for the first time, Fontain's Muse. I got their music through my previous teacher, Alyne in 2005. Since then I've been listening to it and singing to it.

That music is also special to me because I learned the sword dance to it. I also used it for my recent performances. People love the music and ask me about it. I'm especially happy because they are local and accessible. It's really difficult for me to find an artist that I can identify with. She has a powerful voice, and the music is spiritual and sensual.

So I met Fontain and her husband this morning, as they are the ones that make up the band. I talked to Fontain for a while and she was very gracious and said that she would consider me dancing while she performs. I've seen her invite a fire dancer as well as a bellydance troupe and a sword dancer to perform with her.

Time for me to get back out there and practice.

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Mike said...

Very cool. Dancing may also help rejuvenate you with looking for work.