Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Hello There My Lovelies,

Happy Memorial Day to you !

This weekend I've seen the American flags displayed in honor of this holiday, and I like that. I wish more people would fly our flag around the neighborhood.

This weekend there was a huge article here in the paper (San Jose Mercury News) about a mother who lost her only son in Iraq due to suicide. She was a chaplain at the VA Hospital and said that the only way she could cope with her son's death was to try and help the soldiers in the hospital as well as talk to other mothers in her situation.

She didn't agree with the war, but her son felt it was his duty to join the military at 28 years old. She felt strongly about it. He ended up committing suicide partly because he was conflicted about the war and what he was doing there. It took her a long time to talk about her son and tell people that he committed suicide, because she was afraid people would judge her and her son, and think that because he committed suicide, that he was not an honorable soldier. I don't think that any mother should struggle with that, and she deserves nothing but support.

I have to be honest. I never agreed with sending our American soldiers out to Iraq. I felt it was a war that we should not have entered in. Not only are some of our men not coming home, but many are coming back with brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorders. I just never saw Iraq as a direct threat to the US. I'm not saying that they are our friend, or that their people don't really hate us. I just think that actually fighting with them was not necessary. I've always thought that we have stonger enemies than them.

Regardless of the decisions that were made, I will always respect our troops. Those that fought long ago, those that are fighting now, and those that will fight in the future. We would be nothing without them.

And because of them, people like me who don't want to go to battle, don't have to. I think we are lucky to have that choice.

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