Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Schmoozday

Hello There My Lovelies,

I went for a little jog today before I went to work. I also went yesterday as well, even thought it was hotter than Satan's asscrack outside. I ran by the river close to my house. Some dude tried to holler at me in his car in a parking lot. He was extending his hand for a handshake, but I didn't shake it, as he could've easily pulled me in the car and sped off, in fact I backed off a little. I told him I was married, but he still wanted my number. Here is portion of the conversation:

Dude: Excuse me, I just gotta tell you that you look damn sexy !
Moi: Hey thanks !
Dude: Whass yo name !
Moi: Senorita
Dude: Do you got a man ?
Moi: Yes
Dude: Are you married ?
Moi: Yes (Thanks for giving me the idea)
Dude: Well.... you gotta number ?
Moi: No, I have a man.......... :: starts to walk away::
Dude: ::slowly follows me in beat up car:: Hey Senorita ! Why aren't you wearing your ring ??
Moi: Bye ! ::walks off faster::

I walked right past him a few moments prior while he was walking to his car. He could've been a gentleman and talked to me face to face. That's what I would've done. But no, he had to creep up next to me in his car while I was walking. I don't like it when some dude hollers at me out his window. It's so tacky. He was cute, but you know what Judge Judy says: Beauty fades, dumb is forever. I bet he had a pregnant girlfriend at home, too.

On another note, today was Election Day here in California. I did not vote. In fact most of us here in this state didn't either, as I guess we're all tired of going back to the polls over and over with nothing ever really being taken care of. One thing I learned in my legal classes was how our state is falling apart. It's scary.

There were a few propositions on the ballot. One which entailed getting more money for our public school system, which of course is badly needed. But that money doesn't come from nowhere. They proposed taking it from other programs, such as the mental health care programs as well as the Early Start program for infants. Both programs were approved by voters, so now it's like we're voting to overturn what we voted for years ago. The public school system is extremely important, but so is the mental health care system and so are programs for infants. I don't want to go in there and decide who is more important. I just don't want to go there.

I could write more, but I don't want to get all political.

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Myra said...

Politics in this country is falling to the wayside! In Tucson, our mayor and council have been making the most stupid, assinine decisions...makes you think who is driving the bus...because we're headed off a high cliff at a high rate of speed! What a jerk, that dude...you need to be careful...do you have some mace??